Installation It is beyond simple!
--Dina Ely

Installing Dry Bilge System:

  • The System requires 12 v , you can tie into the power supply of your existing bilge pumps or another 12v source
  • Prior to installing the Dry Bilge System your bilges must be cleaned all scum and debris must be removed
  • Pickup block should be placed the lowest point possible in the bilge
  • Discharge line can be plumed into existing through hull fitting we do not recommend using the existing bilge pump line.
             a hole should be made on top side of the line so that the discharge line can press in firmly
  • Do not remove your existing bilge pump! this is not a bilging device, it is simply intended to remove small volumes of water.
  • filter should be cleaned as needed, if you bilges are very clean and water entering the bilges is clean your filter may last for years
             dirty bilges and dirty water will clog filters more often.  never run the Dry Bilge System without the provided filter        

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What's NEW?

Our 8.2 unit is a great success. Our team of engineers have been busy putting together our latest revision, the v8.3 which will include a pump with every unit.

We are always looking for product improvement, so please provide us with your feedback. 

The Dry Bilge System uses two probes and measure resistance between them, as soon as liquid hits the probes it activate a (relay of sorts) that activates the pump, it takes about 1/8 - 3/16 of water to activate the probes, but its not as simple as that, the pump also stay running for 10 sec after the probes do not detect water, this allows it time to completely remove all water, removing all the water stops the pump from running if you add an extra drop of water,  the pump and electronic and pump are enclose in a small 1.5"x5"x2" box  . As for draining your batteries the system standby is 30 milli amps at 12vdc so draining batteries are not an issue.

Common question and concerns:

  • Question : Will the Dry Bilge system ignite gasoline fumes if my boat has a fuel leak?
             Answer : During testing the Dry bilge system was enclosed in a container with gasoline
        in it we ran the system for 6 hours strait and were unable to have it  ignite  the fumes.

  • Question : In the event of a fuel tank leak will the Dry bilge system pump gasoline overboard? 
              Answer : No it will not, Gasoline is non conductive there for gasoline itself  will not trigger
       the pickup block to turn on the system,

  • Question : How often should I clear the inline filter
              Answer : There is not set rule on filter cleaning but the filter is clear so if you do see it
       getting dirty a filter cleaning would be advisable

How Does it work:

LED Diognosis

The Dry Bilge System has a digital display

Display is lit up : Indicates power to unit

Display enters a cycling motion  : Indicates probes are sensing water

Display reads CLEAR :Indicates that there is no water present

Display reads FAULT :Indicated that the system has ran continuosly for 5 minutes

solutions for FAULT : filter is cloged there is debrie or splim on pickup blog , pump or soleniod are not operational

This Makes trouble shooting easy!!