Boaters have always had a challenge to keep their bilges dry; and for good reason.  Water in a bilge, is one of the predominant problems yacht owners face. Wet bilges will enevitablely allow water to saturate the stringer causing structural loss. Wet bilges can create high levels of humidity, which results in a strong and unpleasant odor.  Humidity of this magnitude can create the perfect breading ground for mold and rot. The solution is simple: installing a dry bilge system. A system like this will eliminate these ailments by keeping your bilge dry.

      full step by step installation video! 

       Dry Bilge System main Features

  • Simple installation - no need to pay for a professional install .
  • Low cost simple effective design.
  • Marine grade, low draw pump included in every system.
  • Leave your bilges dry and free of moisture .
  • No more strong, unpleasant odors.
  • No more rotten stringers.
  • Leaves your bilge pumps dry and in pristine working condition, (and if the day comes when you really need them, you know they will work).
  • Small Light-weight design, allows for easy installation in the tightest of compartments
  • works with remot pump: that means it can be installed in your engine comparment, eliminating loud noise.


Finally a dry bilge is possible and affordable!

What's NEW?

Our 8.2 unit is a great success. Our team of engineers have been busy putting together our latest revision, the v8.3 which will include a pump with every unit.

We are always looking for product improvement, so please provide us with your feedback. 

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$375 USD

$2.50 USD
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Your Dry bilge system has a 6 month warranty from the date of purchase. This warranty covers any malfunctions in the circuit board it does not include the Pickup block or filter but those replacement items can be purchase from us if needed
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